Toll Plaza News: 60 kms on the highway. Only after this there will be another toll, know its benefits


new Delhi. While driving on the National Highway, the drivers will not have to face the toll plaza as soon as possible. Minimum 60 kms. Only after that there will be another toll plaza. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is planning such a scheme. This information was given by Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari in Parliament. What will be the benefits of covering the minimum distance to the toll plaza and the infrastructure experts are answering such questions regarding toll Vaibhav Dange,

Question: 60 kms. What will be the benefit of common people by having second toll plaza after this?

Answer: Tolls are very close in many places. Due to this, the drivers have to stop again and again, which causes problems for them. To give relief to the drivers during the journey, 60 km. Only after the second toll scheme. After covering the minimum distance, the drivers will not have to stop again and again. Apart from this, after the removal of toll, the people of the surrounding villages will also benefit. You will not have to go through the toll again and again to get around.

Question: This system will be applicable on all tolls across the country?

Answer: No, this arrangement will be applicable only on National Highways and Expressways. This arrangement cannot be made mandatory on state highways. There will be state-wise rules for toll. At present, there are about 600 tolls of NHAI in the country.

Question: How are toll rates decided?

Answer: Toll is decided according to the cost and distance of construction of NH or Expressway. At present, there are rules for fixing toll according to four lanes. If a highway is made of two lane, then only 75 percent toll is charged. Instead of increasing the toll due to the high cost of construction of the highway, the years of collecting toll are extended. The toll is charged 25 percent more in the expressway, as there is no road merge in the middle like a highway.

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Question: Can the toll be abolished after recovering the cost of the highway?

Answer: No, the toll cannot be abolished because after the construction of the highway, its maintenance goes on continuously. Apart from this, the lanes in the highway are increased when the traffic increases, so the toll does not end.

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Question: Earlier, on paying manual charge, the toll which was rebate on return within 24 hours, now it continues even if it is electronic i.e. FASTag.

Answer: Tolls where multiple entry facility was there earlier, this facility is still available. But after the introduction of the electronic toll system, it was no longer needed. The computer automatically sends a message on the mobile linked to the FASTag account, so that the driver gets to know how much toll has been charged. Sometimes it takes time to reach the message due to network.

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