Indian Railways: There will be a change in the time table of trains, many trains will be stopped, some will change the route

Train Cancelled: Railways canceled 362 trains today, passengers see full list before reaching the station


new Delhi. Railways has canceled a large number of trains across the country even on 25 February due to various reasons including bad weather. Railways said that 362 trains will be canceled across the country on Friday.

According to the Railways, along with the cancellation of trains, 6 trains have also been rescheduled, while 37 trains have been diverted. In such a situation, passengers should check the list of these canceled trains before leaving the railway station. Although the railway sends the information of canceled trains to the passengers making the ticket reservation on mobile, but even if you have not received any such message, you can get information about these trains.

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Information about canceled trains will be available here
Passengers can get the latest status of trains through the official website of Railways or NTES app. However, it should be noted that this list is constantly updated by the Railways and in such a situation the number of canceled, diverted and rescheduled trains may also increase.

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Check list of trains like this
First of all click on
The Exceptional Trains option will appear on the top right side of the screen. Click on it.
You will see a list of Canceled Trains, Rescheduled and Diverted Trains.
In this list, you can know the status of your desired train both by train number and name.

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