Trick: Do Tatkal booking on IRCTC in this way, if the ticket is not confirmed, then say

Trick: Do Tatkal booking on IRCTC in this way, if the ticket is not confirmed, then say


new Delhi. IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking tips: Do you also face trouble in booking Tatkal Ticket Booking? It has happened many times with you too that time is spent in filling the details and in this way the Tatkal ticket booking gets full? So you are not the only one facing this problem. Almost most of the people have to face this problem. But don’t you panic. Today we are going to tell you such a trick that your booking will be confirmed in Tatkal.

Before the big festivals, there is a huge rush on the website and app of IRCTC. Now Holi is near and everyone is trying to book tickets to go home during Holi holidays. It is also true that not everyone’s ticket will be confirmed, but the tickets of those people who use this trick will definitely get confirmed.

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Thousands of bookings come for some tickets
Tatkal Reservation i.e. booking of Tatkal tickets starts from 10 am for AC coach. At the same time, booking for non-AC coaches starts at 11 am. Thousands of people are trying to book together for a few tickets.

Follow this trick for Tatkal ticket
Many times, if the number of people traveling on getting tickets is more, then it takes time to enter the details. After that it takes time to enter the captcha code. Due to which it takes time to book tickets and tickets also get exhausted.

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To avoid this problem of time consuming, IRCTC gives you another option, in which you do not have to give the information of passengers again and again. It gives you the option to save the details of the passengers. In such a situation, you will not have to fill the details of passengers again and again and time will be saved. You will be able to book such tickets soon in Tatkal.

What to do at the time of booking?
After selecting your train and class, when the details of passengers are filled on the app or website, instead of clicking on New, you will have to click on add existing. Now the profile of all the passengers will come in front of you, for whom tickets have to be booked. After this, after entering the address, click on payment mode. Book your ticket here by paying early with the help of credit card, debit card or UPI.

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