Troubled by slow internet in mobile!  Change phone's settings, speed will be double

Troubled by slow internet in mobile! Change phone’s settings, speed will be double


Mobile Phone Speed: Mobile phones are not just phones. It is a key in which the solutions of all our needs are hidden. Whether to check bank statement or pay someone, your mobile does all the work in just a few minutes. Whether sending a document to someone or handling office work, the smartphone does all the work in a very smart way.

While using mobile, there is often the problem of internet slowness and due to the slow speed of the net, all your work gets stuck which should be done in a pinch.

If you are facing some similar problem, then with the help of some settings, you can increase the internet speed of mobile phone. There are many ways to increase your mobile internet speed.

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why is the speed low
Internet speed slows down because, your phone starts catching the slow network bandwidth. Telecom companies release networks of different bandwidths. These include 3G, 4G and LTE networks. You must have noticed that the network signal of the phone shows the bandwidth on the icon. And your phone automatically keeps switching on the bandwidth and reaches the slow bandwidth.

Apart from this, many times we are in such a place where either there is no phone tower nearby or due to more users there is more load on the same tower. In such a situation, there is a problem in giving the right speed to the network provider.

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how to increase speed
It also happens that the phone does not automatically switch on the network with high bandwidth. In such a situation, you have to reset your network settings so that the internet can get speed. You can reset your phone’s network settings. With this you can get better mobile speed.

Go to the Settings of the smartphone. Now search and tap on Network Operators option here. Here you will see the option of Choose Automatically, turn it off. Now a list of all network providers will come in front of you. From there, tap on your company. Now restart the phone.

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