TV was never in the house, today this Indian earns 1.6 crore rupees every hour by becoming the CEO of Google

TV was never in the house, today this Indian earns 1.6 crore rupees every hour by becoming the CEO of Google


new Delhi. world famous search engine google (Google Search Engine) is celebrating its 21st birthday today. On this special occasion, Google has created a doodle. But the current CEO of Google, which is included in the world’s top-10 company, Sundar Pichai (Google CEO Sunder Pichai is of Indian origin. Sundar Pichai has taken Google to a new peak. That’s why for the last two years Sundar Pichai He is included in the list of world’s highest paid CEO and now earns Rs 1.6 crores every hour.

Let’s know about them…

(1) Who is Sundar Pichai- Sundar Pichai’s full name is Sundararajan Pichai and was born on 12 July 1972 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. After doing BTech from IIT Kharagpur in India and MS from Stanford University, he earned an MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. Sundar Pichai was working as a Google employee for a long time and in the year 2015 he took over as the CEO of Google.

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(2) There was no TV in the houseSundar Pichai lived in a two-room house in Chennai. There was nothing TV, telephone, car in his family. Due to hard work, he got admission in IIT Kharagpur. After doing engineering from here, he got a scholarship from Stanford University for further studies. At that time the financial condition of his house was so bad that his father had to take a loan for Sundar’s air ticket.

(3) Google reached like this- After leaving IIT, he never looked back. He started a job at Google some 11 years ago while working in various companies. Sundar told in an interview, ‘I was interviewed for a job in Google on April 1, 2004.

, Then Gmail was launched and I did not have any specific information about it. When I was asked about Gmail, I thought it was a joke about April Fools.

, In the first three interviews, I could not answer about this. When asked again in the fourth interview, I said no, I do not know about Gmail. After that I was told about this.

, Sundar first joined McKinsey and then Google as a product manager. Earlier he was given the responsibility of products like Google Toolbar, Desktop Search, Google Gear.

, Then came Chrome and he stood in the front row of the company. Got the responsibility of Gmail in 2011.

, In the same year, Sundar had made up his mind to leave Google and join Twitter. Then Google stopped them by paying about 305 crores. When Sundar was offered a job, it was his wife who advised him not to leave Google.

(4) earn in crores every hour- As Google CEO, he got $ 47 million (about Rs 3,337 crore) in the year 2018. This includes all their allowances. According to Fox News, if Sundar works 40 hours a week, then his hourly salary sits at $ 2,25,961 (about Rs 1.60 crore).

(5) Who is there in the family… Pichai had told about his love story in an interview that in those days there were no smartphones, so it was very difficult to call a girl from her hostel. He told that to call Anjali, I used to go to the gate of the girls hostel and ask someone to call her.

The girl who gave voice to Anjali used to say loudly – ​​Anjali is beautiful. Everyone would hear this voice and thus our love story was known to all. I proposed Anjali in the final year. They got married after taking permission from Anjali’s parents. Now both of them have a son and a daughter.

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