Twitter launched a new feature, there will be no problem in searching messages, users were demanding for a long time


new Delhi. Twitter has finally launched that feature in the Direct Messages section, which Twitter users have been demanding for a long time. With the help of this new feature, it will be easier for Twitter users to search for a message. The company announced this feature in May last year. After a long wait, it is now being rolled out for all the users.

The new feature, as soon as you type a word in the search bar, shows all the messages related to it at once. After updating the Twitter app to the latest version, users will start getting the new search feature. Till now, Twitter’s Direct Messages feature only gave users the option to search for names of people and groups.

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this change happened
Earlier only names could be searched in Direct Messages. With the new feature, not only contacts, but also the messages sent by them (Twitter messages) can be searched. This has made the process of searching messages or files very simple. It is worth noting that the need for this search feature was felt for a long time. Twitter users were demanding this for a long time. The company had announced to bring a new search feature in Direct Messages in May 2021, but it has now been launched.

this would be the advantage
While making the official announcement about the new feature, Twitter wrote, “We know you’ve been waiting a long time for the feature to search your Direct Messages search bar by typing a keyword into the search bar of your inbox. to be found.” Twitter has announced that this feature will be available to all its users.

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The new feature will show all the conversations related to a single word in the search results. Messages related to it can be searched by typing a keyword in the search bar of the inbox. Suppose you want to find a message related to a hospital but you can’t remember much about it, then you just have to search by typing the keyword ‘hospital’. This feature will show all the messages in which the hospital keyword is used.

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