Two brothers started this business, today they are the owners of crores, by joining here you can also earn up to 50 thousand monthly

Two brothers started this business, today they are the owners of crores, by joining here you can also earn up to 50 thousand monthly


New Delhi. It is said that if there is no passion to do something, then no work is difficult… and success is definitely found in it. Two brothers Mayank and Aditya Arya have proved this point. Both the brothers thought of starting such a work (Own Business), which is not only their own, but also gives some benefit to the people. Today his company is giving employment to thousands of youth (Earning Money Opportunity) as well as making women self-reliant. By joining their company, women are earning 30 thousand and more every month. Let us know in details…

This company is in Noida
The name of this company of Mayank and Aditya Arya is – Yes Madam. Yes madam is a home sales service startup. That is, by booking through it, cell service can be taken at home itself. Mayank and Aditya started it in March 2017 with the aim of bringing transparency in the cell industry. Its headquarter is in Noida. This startup company is giving its service at 25 cities today. The company has more than 1500 employees.

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Beauticians earn up to 50 thousand monthly
Yes madam, there is no concept of paying salary to beauticians. Beauticians associated with this startup are earning 30-50 thousand rupees every month. This earning is commission based. For example, if a beautician gives a service for 1 hour, then at the rate of Rs 6 per minute, the charge becomes Rs 360. Out of this, Rs 300 goes to the beautician and Rs 60 goes to Yes Madam. The working hours of a Beautician in Yes madam are 4-6. In this way, every day from Rs 300, they have a minimum of Rs 1200 and beauticians earn a minimum monthly income of Rs 30000 according to the working days of 25 days every month. Apart from this, the startup is also planning to teach beauticians the basic tricks of self-defense.

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Revenue has crossed 2 crores
Yes madam has become a company with revenue of Rs 2 crore today without any funding. At the same time, its valuation has been 50 crores. Yes madam, it is growing at a growth rate of 10-15% month after month. There are more than 250 beauticians on its platform. At present, its service is going on in cities like Delhi-NCR, Lucknow, Chandigarh. Along with this, it is also giving an opportunity to earn from the franchisee, for which the startup has tied up with Franchisee India.

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