Two friends formed a company by putting 'life' in the dead chicken, now the business is in billions

Two friends formed a company by putting ‘life’ in the dead chicken, now the business is in billions


New Delhi. Licious. Mouth waters as soon as you hear the name. Licious has become the first choice of people who are fond of non-veg. Licious Bangalore is a company that delivers meat and seafood to your kitchen. Recently the company has received funding of $ 52 million. With no funding the company has joined the Unicorn Club of India. The position of this company is 29th among the companies made unicorns in India in 2021. However, the company claims that it is India’s first direct-to-consumer unicorn company. Today we are going to talk about any company growth. How did this company start and how did it become a company with a valuation of 1 billion dollars.

Organized the disorganized sector

According to one data, about 73 percent of the people in India are non-vegetarian. People across the country use thousands of different brands every day, but there was no brand of meat. The meat market in India has never been organized. You can find different butchers or meat shops in each city. They neither come under any brand nor are there any quality checks on them. The meat is cut in front of the customer and packed in a black bag and handed over to the customer. Despite not having a good experience, the customer has to buy meat from there even if he does not want to.

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Two friends took the responsibility of solving the same problem of the customer of Meat. Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta. He felt that work can be done in this space, which can become a big business in the future. Although Vivek Gupta did not agree to this at first, but Abhay Hanjura convinced him.

Vivek had doubts in his mind

Vivek Gupta told in an interview to Wion that there was no doubt about what the customer wanted and what could be given to him. But he had two different doubts in his mind. One is that he comes from a family where no one used to consume meat. Not even conscience. When Vivek was in America during his job, he started eating meat. In such a situation, he had in his mind that he might not be able to do such a work, the family members may not even support him. The second doubt was that if this market is of $ 30-40 billion, then why has no one else worked on it yet? This is the question that comes in the mind of every entrepreneur, who does something different or new.

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Put ‘life’ in the dead chicken!

Abhay and Vivek were discussing their business idea while having lunch one day. The quality of their lunch which came yesterday was very bad. Then Vivek said if we want to do something different, then we have to put life in the dead chicken. That’s where it was decided that through lysis, the best quality meat has to be given to the people. For this he will do all that is needed. Then in 2015, both of them started their company in Bangalore. Named Licious. D removed from Delicious.

Licious’ mission statement was – we will not sell what we can’t eat ourselves! For 6 years, the company progressed while working on this and today it has become a unicorn company.

How does the company work

Licious’ business model is – Farm to Fork (Farm to Straight Plate). The company handles the entire supply chain itself. From lifting goods from the farm to its processing, storage and then packaging. The company itself also looks after the work of delivering it to the customer. The company has set up its own processing and packaging units. Whatever meat is packed, it is clean and it is packed scientifically. The company claims that the package is delivered within 90-120 minutes after you place your order.

The company provides chicken, fish and seafood, mutton and eggs and their variety. The company has 150 quality checks on every product.

employee care company

Abhay and Vivek say that all the people they added from day one are our shareholders, not employees. Vivek said in an interview that he has given extended stock options to thousands of employees apart from their delivery heroes, meat technicians. The biggest thing is the trust of people working together to bring change in this sector.

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