Two friends started milk delivery business, raised a company worth crores

Two friends started milk delivery business, raised a company worth crores


We use things like milk, curd, bread, eggs everyday. So what if the milkman does not come, the whole routine will be spoiled, will it not? Or if you live alone and are sick, how will you bring milk? From the stomach of the cow till it reaches our stomach, the journey of milk has been like this. There is an important role in this, how cleanly the milk is delivered to our house. Usually we get to see adulteration and uncleanliness in the entire episode of milk delivery. Ibrahim Akhbari and Akash Agarwal discovered the solution to these problems. Together these two friends started In, you can order milk at your home with just one click. That too without any delivery charge. ,Also read: Attention! Sukanya, if you have an account in PPF, then definitely settle this work sitting at home today, otherwise there will be trouble!)

started 3 years ago
Hyper local start-up was started 3 years back with the idea that consumers can get milk sitting at home. For people who are pregnant, gymming, diabetic, different varieties of milk are here. If you are diabetic, then organic lactose free milk is for you. Apart from milk, the search for bread, eggs and fresh fruits also ends here.

Aim to reach 100 cities
The founders believe that the biggest challenge for producers and manufacturers is to bring their product to the consumer. Doodhwala makes good use of the supply chain through technology. Overcoming all the challenges of taking the producer to the consumer, the milkman has currently established his feet in 3 cities Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Their target is to reach 100 cities. Doodhwala’s model is to use the supply chain in a cost-effective manner.

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company smart marketing’s marketing is also smart because the founder believes that this is something that needs marketing at the local level. The brand does some special programs from time to time for delivery from apartments to large residential complexes. Their purpose is that if you are delivering in a complex, then the milkman’s delivery should reach every house there. The milkman does not consider a big brand like Amul as his competition because the job of the milkman is to deliver the products of these big manufacturers to the customers.

5 years of research before starting
Ground work is very important for the success of any brand. 5 years of research was done before starting Doodhwala. Initially the founder did not understand its scale. But after talking to the farmers, producer distribution channel, it came to know that it has a lot of scope and for this it is very important to have the right distribution channel.

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89% of customers returned
Milk is such a thing that if it is not in the house, then the child will not go to school, tea will not be made, Amazon will bring your goods 2 days late, it will work, but you will not tolerate even 20 minutes delay for milk. Due to this, technology has worked in place of traditional milk delivery. Due to this, it has become possible not only to deliver milk but also to deliver it on time with variety. This is the reason why about 89 percent of customers come back to

These are the competitors for the milkman may not consider a big milk manufacturer like Amul as its competitor, but Milk Basket, Big Basket are many such brands, which have made their hold in the country for the last many years. It can prove to be a big competitor for But India is such a big market in which there is a lot of space for these new age entrepreneurs to make their businesses big.

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20 lakh deliveries every month
Doodhwala’s business model is very unique, it is a distribution platform for milk, fruit manufacturer, farmer, producer, supplier, so they work continuously with them. 500 million people subscribe, but offline. The milkman makes 20 lakh deliveries in a month.

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