Valentine Special: Give this financial gift to your partners, not only day but life will also become

Valentine Special: Give this financial gift to your partners, not only day but life will also become


New Delhi. Today 14th February is being celebrated as a symbol of love all over the world including India. All the partners are busy making preparations to make their Valentine’s Day special. If you are also thinking of doing something special, then by giving a financial gift to your partner, you can not only make his day but also his life better. By adopting these tips from Anil Pinapala, CEO and Founder of Vivifi India Finance, you can win the hearts of partners.

financial education
Couples should share their financial information with each other. In today’s era where most of the financial things are becoming digital, it is very important for both of you to be financially literate. An understanding of essential things like banking, budgeting, saving, investment, loan, credit and debit will prove to be helpful in making life better and easier for both.

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Deposits and Investments
The purpose of a financial gift is to make your partner financially stronger. For today you can buy mutual fund SIP, FD, recurring deposit, PPF or shares for your partner. This gift given by you today can become a big capital tomorrow.

Provide protection with insurance
What can be a better gift than insurance to make your partners feel secure. If you want, you can give health insurance, life insurance, term plan or any other similar gift.

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Fund facility for emergency
Providing a line of credit for emergency to your partner can be a smart thing to do. Small expenses can be met with a facility like Flexpay in case your partner needs you in an emergency. With this, you will not even have to run for loan when it works.

gold is the brightest
Gold can make every occasion more special. Gifting gold jewelery or coins to your partner on this day will not only make you feel special, but like your relationship, its value will also increase. If you want, you can also give sovereign gold bonds, gold ETFs or other digital gold.

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