VIDEO: Gunsu Mehto became rich due to the cultivation of bitter gourd, earns about 4 lakh rupees


Gunsu Mahto, a farmer living near Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, is bitter gourd It is very busy in harvesting. But when we spoke to him, he said without hesitation that if Modern farming in new age If done, no one can stop you from making money through farming. Let us tell you that apart from bitter gourd, they also grow crops like watermelon. However, from bitter gourd alone, he earns up to Rs 4 lakh. Let’s know about them…

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Earn up to Rs 4 lakh-Gansu Mahto has 8 acres of farm in which he is cultivating different types of vegetables, now bitter gourd harvesting is going on here. Which he planted in the month of April. This time 30 quintals of bitter gourd has been produced. Gansu says in a hushed voice that till now 75 thousand rupees have been earned from the cultivation of bitter gourd. He had spent about 30 thousand rupees per acre on its cultivation. He has 8 acres of land. If seen in this way, till now they are getting a net income of about 45 thousand rupees per acre of bitter gourd. So in this way he has earned Rs 3.6 lakh on 8 acres of land. (Also read- She earns Rs 3 lakh every month by selling organic vegetables)

Easy way to produce bumper Gansu Mahto says that only proper management and maintenance of the crop gives good yield. For this, they cultivate by applying drip and mulching. He told that due to mulching, there is no more problem of weeds as well as water is saved by drip. He uses more and more organic fertilizers in his crops. Also, for the good development of plants and fruits, staking is done in the crops.

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