VIDEO: Neither petrol nor battery, 12th pass mechanic made a water-powered car

VIDEO: Neither petrol nor battery, 12th pass mechanic made a water-powered car


new Delhi. The price of petrol and diesel in the country has increased so much that common man thinks four times before driving. Due to rising fuel prices and pollution, the demand for electric vehicles is also increasing. In such a situation, if such a car comes in this era of inflation, which runs on water, then it will be a little difficult to believe. But a mechanic from Madhya Pradesh has done this feat. 44-year-old Mohammad Rais Mehmood Makrani, a resident of Madhya Pradesh, has made a car that does not run on petrol, diesel or gas but on water. The video of this water-powered car is becoming very viral on social media.

Mohammad Rais is just 12th pass-
This water-powered car has been made by Mohammad Makrani, 44, a resident of Madhya Pradesh. Who is a mechanic by profession and is only 12th pass. The feat that Rais Makrani has done without doing any mechanical studies. He has also patented for this water-powered car made by Mohammad Makrani. It is reported that a Chinese company will manufacture this car on the basis of this patent of Makrane. However, it is being said on social media that where are Indian companies and why they did not contact Raees.

Water powered car made from Maruti 800-
Makrani told that he started an experiment in 2007. After that in 2012, the Maruti 800 was changed to a car that runs on water. It took Makrani about one and a half years to build and start the engine. This car has a 796cc engine. Along with this, this car runs at a speed of 50 to 60 kilometers per hour. Makrani has also got contracts from Dubai and China companies for this invention. But he rejected all these offers inspired by Make in India.

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The car also has these features-
This water-powered car is not a small fat, but it has full four seats, that is, four passengers including the driver can travel. A tank has been given in this car in which water is filled. A little chemical and some substances like lime are added along with the water. In this, acetylene gas is made on which this car runs. There is no pollution from this gas and the car also runs at a good speed.

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