Web 3.0 Start-up: Eduverse3 on a mission to transform the global ed-tech industry with Web 3.0 and the Metaverse


new Delhi. Eduverse3, a blockchain based Indian start-up revolutionizing ed-tech, is the future of ed-tech. This Indian Start-up Web 3.0 based on Blockchain technology and Metaverse With the mission of transforming the global ed-tech industry. It is estimated that the ed-tech industry will reach $680 billion by the year 2027.

Cryptocurrency is a currency that “belongs to the people, is made by the people, it is for the people”. Based on this same ideology, Eduverse3 emerges as a revolutionary educational platform, blockchain-based, a fair and transparent means of cryptocurrency payments, for teachers and students. The platform will work with the latest Web 3.0 technology, incorporating core features such as decentralization, permissionlessness, connectivity and ubiquity.

Eduverse3will appear in its upcoming stages as the Metaverse, allowing students to participate in live classes in the real world. The Eduverse3 platform allows students to participate in their own EDU3 will provide a similar opportunity, by enabling you to pay for the course with a nominal commission fee in tokens or any other listed cryptocurrency on the platform.

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Thus, there will be less reliance on fiat currency and its associated conversion fees across countries, eliminating the huge gap between the amount users receive and send. This will enable teachers to get global exposure, thereby increasing their earnings manifold.

Your privacy is of paramount importance to Eduverse3. On this platform, your information will be kept strictly confidential. As a core feature of Blockchain, your personal demographic and behavioral metadata will never be exposed.

To bring about the needed change in the ed-tech industry, launching Eduverse3- the brainchild of Aditya Gupta, Gaurav Verma and Shobhit Bansal, a team of All India IIT rank holders pursuing Computer Engineering from NSIT-Delhi.

The team is well versed in the field of Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This team of visionaries is accompanied by Sumeet and Vikram as consultants, who have expertise in cryptocurrencies and markets and trading.

Here are its special features:
• Global exposure to teachers and students.
• Pay with cryptocurrency.
• Blockchain based transparent and secure platform.
• Incentive review system.
• Decentralized data storage system on Web 3.0.
• Influential live classes with the Metaverse in the future.

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