What are the benefits of Maternity cover taken with health insurance? understand full profit and loss


Health Insurance: Every year thousands of couples prepare to welcome their child. For this, parents start preparing well in advance. Health insurance is an important tool for this. Because at the time of childbirth it is difficult to estimate how much it might cost. Come, today we will understand it in detail that which policy will be better for mother and child.

Choosing the right insurance policy is the first step towards cutting down on hospitalization costs. For example, a husband and wife having separate health covers with maternity insurance can save more as both can claim from their respective policies.

Policy saves from economic crisis
Health policies with maternity cover can help you save on hospitalization expenses. According to experts, these days the expenses are very high in view of the rising inflation. These policies help families to bear the cost of various things related to the birth of the child and medical expenses of the newborn.

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However, since these policies have a waiting period, it is imperative to choose maternity insurance carefully so that the policyholder can avail the benefits.

What is covered?
The health insurance policy with maternity benefit covers the cost of maternity and health care expenses of a woman expecting to become a mother and her newborn baby. It mainly covers the expenses related to pregnancy. This includes the cost of hospitalization, medicines, tests, check-ups etc.

what are the advantages
Health insurance with maternity cover generally covers normal and caesarean deliveries. It can come as a standalone policy and as an add-on cover with the main health policy. Generally, a health insurance policy with maternity cover covers hospitalization expenses during both pre-natal and post-natal stages, newborn baby expenses (up to 90 days), day-care treatment, newborn vaccination expenses, ambulance expenses, Cashless claim facilities etc.

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However, this coverage completely depends on the type of policy and insurer you choose, and hence it may vary. Women who are already pregnant are not eligible to buy these policies. Also, people who do not fall in the age group of 18-45 years also cannot buy such a policy.

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