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What do stocks like Paras Defense, Zomato and Paytm teach by falling more than half? get to know the experts


Investment Tips: There is a special similarity in stocks like Paras Defense, Paytm, Zomato. There was a competition among retail investors to take these shares in IPO or after listing. Who buys how many shares? Now all these retail investors are sitting holding their heads. It just hasn’t happened yet. New investors who come to the stock market often make such a mistake. If you also want to avoid such mistake in future and want to earn more return on your investment, then let us understand some things.

What Paras Defense and Zomato teach
When the IPO of Paras Defense came, retail investors invested in it with a sack. Its IPO gave investors almost more than double the benefit of listing. The issue price in the IPO was 165 to 175 per share. The listing became strong and shares were listed at Rs 475. Investors got rich from IPO itself.

Paras Defense gave strong returns in a short time
Everyone liked the business model of the company working in the defense sector and expert in making drones and its shares kept running even after listing. After the listing, its stock kept climbing every day. Its stock breathed around Rs 625 and then directly reached Rs 1200. That is, it gave a return of two and a half times the listing price and about 7 times the issue price in a month.

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Paras’ share halved from his high
Now it is seeing a steady decline. The shares of Paras Defense had fallen below Rs 600 on Friday. But today on Monday, its shares have seen a rise. Today, on Monday 28 February, its shares are trading around Rs 635. Meaning its price has almost halved from its high. If someone would have bought it at its high, then he has lost half his capital.

Same is the case with some Zomato shares as well. The stock with an issue price of Rs 70 rose to Rs 160. Then the down trend started in it and now its shares are being seen around Rs 80. After seeing the move of Paras Defense and Zomato shares, experts say that we should learn many things from them.

Do not buy overvalued shares
Experts say that if any stock like Paras Defense increases manifold in a very short time, then do not buy at its high. A correction will come in the stock that has gone high and you will be stuck at the higher price. Therefore, wait for the fall in it or avoid investing.

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Profit booking from time to time
If you have invested in any stock and it starts growing rapidly, then from time to time tie profits in it. Don’t wait for the manifold to happen. Otherwise, when such shares fall, there is no chance to sell. CNBC Awaaz experts say that if a stock doubles or increases by 70 percent, then withdraw your capital. And the remaining share will be your bonus.

keep trailing stoploss
Put a stop loss in the stock which increases by more than 30-40 percent and keep moving it upwards. With this, if the stock falls in a war or any other bad situation, then your profit will be saved.

not too greedy
If a stock is giving you decent profits, then exit at the right time. Don’t sit and wait for the manifold to happen. Otherwise, the profit that came in this greed also goes away and sometimes the capital also goes away.

Story of Paytm
Those investing in Paytm’s IPO or buying its shares are crying tears of blood from the very beginning. A share with an issue price of more than Rs 2100 got listed below Rs 2000. Then falling and falling came on 1200 rupees. Then increased and went to 1600 rupees. If it falls then it is now trading under Rs.800.

Experts say that investing in any loss-making company should be avoided. If you are investing in IPO, then look at its valuation first. Many questions were raised regarding the valuation of Paytm and now the result is in front of everyone. If you like the business of the company, then wait for the entry in its price at the right place. Wait for the correction in the stock and invest only after it comes to the right price.

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