What will be the effect of BJP's victory in the elections on the stock market?  Know the opinion of experts

What will be the effect of BJP’s victory in the elections on the stock market? Know the opinion of experts


new Delhi. The victory of 4 states in the assembly elections of five states has raised the spirits of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led central government. Due to these election results, the Indian stock market closed with good gains on Thursday. The market sentiment did not show negative even on Friday.

Now a question may arise in the mind of investors that what is the meaning of this victory? What can the stock market do in the coming days? So do not worry, the answer to these questions will definitely be found in this news.

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Government’s confidence increased

Experts say that the confidence of the government has increased due to the election results. Therefore, it is expected that the government will be seen moving on the path of reforms in various areas. Foreign brokerage firm Jefferies has said that in the next few months, the government will go ahead with the process of privatization. The government has sold Air India. After many efforts, the government got success in this. Now a plan has been made for the privatization of some more companies.

The focus will remain on infrastructure

It is believed that after the sale of Air India, the government will not face any problem in the sale of those companies, which it wants to privatize. These include some companies including BPCL and some banks. Jefferies has also said that the victory in the elections is certain that the government’s focus on infrastructure will continue. In the last few years, the central government has spent a lot on infrastructure.

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On the other hand, oil marketing companies have not increased the price of petrol and diesel since November. Due to this they are suffering a lot. It is believed that the companies will have to increase the fuel prices immediately to avoid huge losses. This will have a good impact on the stock of oil marketing companies.

However, the election results are positive in terms of stock markets and economy. The reason for this is that there is no hope of political change in the coming years. Stock markets like political stability. BJP’s victory in UP has also indicated the politics of the future. With this, the government will not face any problem in continuing its economic policy.

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