WhatsApp has now brought global audio player, know what is its advantage

WhatsApp has now brought global audio player, know what is its advantage


WhatsApp Update New FeaturesAfter a long wait, WhatsApp has finally released a new feature Global Audio Player for desktop users. Through this feature, users can listen to the voice message anywhere in the application, even if you are playing something other than that voice note. Or you have opened another chat window.

The newly rolled out update allows desktop users to shuffle between chats while listening to voice messages. They can now switch between chats and listen to audio notes together.

WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo said, “When we play a voice note and we switch to another conversation, WhatsApp doesn’t stop playing the voice note and a new audio player bar appears at the bottom of your chat list. “

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WABetaInfo writes, Thanks to the new bar, we have the control of voice notes using the playback button. This bar helps us understand when the voice note ends.

This feature is being rolled out in beta and will be rolling out to your desktop application soon. This update of WhatsApp allows users to easily control chat and voice player.

Group admins will be able to delete member’s messages
In the new feature, after a message is deleted, “This was deleted by an admin, WABetaInfo” is written. This feature is also there in Telegram but when the message is deleted, this kind of message is not available. The advantage of this will be that the WhatsApp group administrator will get the right to delete the member’s message for everyone. This feature will be very helpful in curbing fake news.

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