When will the ‘real run’ of the stock market run? Know the opinion of the veteran investor


new Delhi. In the last two sessions, due to the formation of net buyers (trending towards buying) in the Indian stock market by FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors), discussions have started that the market has come out of the bottom (lower level) at present. It is also being said that due to the formation of net buyers of FIIs, there can be a good bounce in the market on Monday as well, because FIIs will pour more money into the Indian market.

So what should be assumed that the market will not go down now and from here the buying opportunities will start? If you are thinking like this then stop. Vijay Kedia, a veteran investor in the Indian stock market, thinks a little differently about this. He told that when the ‘real game’ of buying will start in the Indian market.

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If you buy DIIs too, the market will run

Vijay Kedia has made a tweet amidst similar discussions. He wrote in his tweet, “The real game will begin when FIIs become buyers and DIIs also become buyers from jobbers (occasionally working).”

The meaning of this tweet is that although FIIs have bought in the last two sessions, DIIs (Domestic Institutional Investors) have not yet turned to buying completely. They remain a bit defensive after the huge selloff during the Russia-Ukraine crisis. As geopolitical conditions improve, both FIIs and DIIs will be buyers, then there will be real buying in the market.

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What does the data of FIIs and DIIs say

While DIIs were buying in bulk, FIIs remained net sellers in the Indian stock market from October 2021 onwards. In March 2022, FIIs have bought shares worth ₹121,023.61 crore, while they sold shares worth ₹162,640.79 crore during this period. Hence, FIIs remained net sellers till March 2022 as they pulled out ₹41,617.18 crore from the Indian secondary market in March 2022.

However, in the last two days, FIIs have emerged as net buyers. Meaning they have bought more. On 16 March 2022 he invested ₹311.99 crore, while on 17 March 2022 he invested ₹2800.14 crore in the secondary market.

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Compared to FIIs, in March 2022, DIIs bought shares worth ₹113,271.75 crore, while they sold shares worth ₹81,651.73 crore. This means that DIIs also emerged as net buyers and invested Rs 31,620.02 crore in the Indian markets. DIIs had invested ₹42,084 crore in February 2022, ₹21,928 crore in January 2022, ₹31,231 crore in December 2021 and ₹30,560 crore in November 2021.

uptrend in the last week

Last week NSE Nifty made a positive start and crossed the level of 16,800 on Monday. After some modest profit-booking in the middle of the week, the index picked up again and ended around the 17,000 mark ahead of the Fed event. The market broke the resistance with a gap-up opening, which led to an increase in participation and Nifty ended the short week below 17,300 with a weekly gain of around 4 per cent. The BSE Sensex also rose about 4.15 per cent last week and closed at 57,863 levels. The Nifty Bank index closed at 36,428 with a weekly gain of 5.44 percent.

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