Where did the 'big fish' of the market draw money from and where did they put it, know the inside information

Where did the ‘big fish’ of the market draw money from and where did they put it, know the inside information


new Delhi. In which direction the Indian stock market should go, its control is largely in the hands of Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs). This is the reason why people see where FPIs are investing and withdrawing money before trading or investing. According to the latest information received from NSDL, in the first 15 days of February 2022, FPIs kept distance from IT companies while they put money in banking sector stocks.

Metals & mining, prescribed drugs and textiles were some of the sectors on which FPIs were bullish. FPIs have made purchases of Rs 1,696 crore in metal, while buying of prescribed drugs has been seen worth Rs 1,376 crore. Apart from this, there has been a purchase of Rs 439 crore in the textile sector.
If we talk about the overall FPI portfolio, then till 15 February it was at Rs 47,28,861 crore, which was Rs 47,90,976 crore on 31 January.

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Trust in IT companies

According to the information received, FPIs sold stocks of software program and repair companies worth Rs 5,626 crore between February 1 and February 15. Earlier, in the last fortnight of January, i.e. during January 16-31, stocks were sold for Rs 12,928 crore.

This time these investors have bought banking sector stocks worth Rs 2,760 crore, while in the last fortnight they sold banking stocks for Rs 2,701 crore. Apart from this, these FPIs sold shares related to the oil and gasoline sector. Stocks worth Rs 2,091 crore were sold between February 1-15, while selling in the sector was limited to Rs 1,736 crore in the second fortnight of January.

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Not even interested in the insurance sector

There has also been more selling in the Insurance, Family and Private Merchandise, Inns and Capital Item sectors. During this time, stocks worth Rs 1,496 crore have been removed from the insurance sector, while in the second fortnight of January, 805 crore were sold. In the utility sector, shares worth Rs 597 crore were bought in the second half of January, but stocks worth Rs 764 have been sold in the first 15 days of February.

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