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Where to invest money in the stock market which is in recovery mode after correction, listen to experts


Investment Tips: Due to the Russia-Ukraine crisis, there is a lot of volatility in the Indian stock market. There is a recovery in the market for the last two days. Investors are in a dilemma as to where to invest money in the market that has come into recovery mode. Ajay Srivastava, CEO, Dimensions Consulting, had a long conversation with Moneycontrol on the future condition and direction of the market.

In this conversation, he spoke about the recovery in the market in the last 2 days as well as its forward direction. He said that he is very bullish about the banking sector. Apart from this, multiplexes and retail companies and stocks related to fashion can see good growth going forward.

Sugar, cotton yarn, commodity tea and liquor industry to benefit further
He says that these sectors have been under pressure for a long time. Now the stocks of this sector can be seen recovering from the pressure. In this conversation, he said that sugar, cotton yarn, commodity tea and liquor industry can be seen to benefit further. They will get the benefit of the fall in the rupee. Export based stocks will get the benefit of this fall in rupee. Going forward, we will see good growth in exporting companies and companies related to engineering industry.

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Re-rating time
In this conversation, he further said that the ratings of companies related to multiplex, fashion ware and retail are currently at a very low level. Now it’s time for their re-rating. Stocks in this sector will get the benefit of the opening after Corona. Rupee-dollar ratio is giving good opportunities for the pharma company at this time. Due to this, an increase in their exports can be seen.

Selling will put pressure on the banking sector
There has been heavy selling by FIIs in the Indian markets amid weak global cues. Responding to this, Ajay Srivastava has said that such heavy selling in such a short time will put pressure on the banking sector.

Market substantially oversold
Giving his opinion on the rise of the last two sessions of the market, he said that it is a big relief for the market. Some believe that the selling pressure from the FII side will ease a bit. This news is a matter of great relief for the banking segment. He further said that the market was oversold to a large extent. There is very little liquidity for investment in the domestic market, so it cannot be said that this rally is for days.

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rising crude oil price
Talking about rising crude oil prices and its impact on the domestic market, he said that rising crude oil prices will affect the country’s consumption and ultimately its effect will also be reflected in the stock market. He also said that if the government tries to keep the prices of crude oil low, it will increase consumption.

Where are the shopping opportunities in the market at this time? Answering this question, Ajay Srivastava said that commodity is the best segment to invest in the current market condition. He has also said that we may soon see another correction in the market. If an investor has invested in commodities, then he should remain in his investment. Going forward, we will see strength in cash flows of all commodity companies. So there is no need to sell.

Ajay Srivastava is a supporter of maintaining a cautious approach to small and big banks. They say that their valuation is looking good at this time but there is a need to bet wisely. He further said that the banking sector is quite Orvasold at this time. Especially big banks, but there is a need to be very careful while investing in banks, but small banks are not good through investment.

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