Why and how did the name of beer 'Bira 91' become so popular!

Why and how did the name of beer ‘Bira 91’ become so popular!


New Delhi. Bira 91 is an established brand of beer. Till a few years ago, no one knew this and today the situation is that Beera has become the first choice of 19 youth in many countries around the world. This brand is completely Indian and the name of its manufacturer is Ankur Jain. What did Ankur do is that Bira 91 established itself as a big brand so quickly, that too when many beer companies were already present in the market.

computer engineer turned beer guy

We are talking about Ankur Jain. In 2002, Ankur Jain took a degree in computer engineering from a major Chicago institute. He started his career with an entrepreneurship. It was a health care information startup, which was started in America itself. On the floor above his office was the Brooklyn Brewery. Brooklyn Brewery is a big name for craft beer in America. It was a habit of Akur Jain to go there every Saturday evening and sit and enjoy beer. From here his interest in beer started increasing.

Serana Beverages Business

When he was in America, then one day he decided that he would come to India and set up a business. In view of this, he sold his startup in America and returned to India. Returning to India, he started Serana Beverages. This company used to import and distribute craft beer. Rest of the story later, let’s first understand what craft beer is.

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What is Craft Beer

Craft beer is not actually made in big machines, but it is made by small machines and independent brewers. For example, if you go to a pub house in a metro city, such as Delhi, Mumbai, etc., you will see machines installed in the pubs itself. If you ask for beer, you will also get craft beer, which means freshly brewed beer. This is called craft beer.

Serana Beverages used to offer variety

Ankur Jain did some research before starting Serana Beverages. It was found that the consumption of craft beer in India is only one percent. So Ankur started distributing in India by bringing craft beer from many companies abroad (USA, Germany and Belgium). He supplied beer to restaurants, bars and pubs in India for almost 4 years through his company. By then his understanding of the beverages industry had become even better.

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On this Ankur felt that there is no fun in selling only by importing, which is in his startup. So Ankur decided to form his own company, which would make and distribute craft beer as well.

Launch of Bira 91

In 2015, Ankur Jain launched Bira 91. Although today he has no shortage of funding companies, but to start the work, he himself raised the funding of about one million dollars from his friends and acquaintances.

bira 91 blonde beer

Bira 91 launched two flavors in the beginning. People liked it, then more flavors were introduced in the market.

It is also interesting to know why Beera was named ‘Bira’. Actually, Ankur had earlier wanted to name it Biru (Biru), but due to the copyright of the name of a Japanese company, he named it Bira. Ankur himself told in an interview that Beera also means “brother” in South India. So people will be able to connect to it thinking that the naming was done. So where did 91 come from? The 91 in Bira 91 is the telephone code of India. All mobile numbers in India start with 91. Hence the full name became ‘Bira 91’. The monkey was chosen as its mask and the logic behind it was that there is a monkey inside every human being, meaning there is mischief and flirtation in every human being.

first bottled craft beer

Ankur Jain’s company launched India’s first bottle of closed craft beer in the market. First launched in two flavours. There was very little bitterness in a beer, which was well liked. After this some other flavors also came in the market. Gradually, its craze among the youth increased and without any advertisement, it captured about 30% share of the beer market.

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premium beer and low price

Before the arrival of Beera, there were only two types of beers in the market. One means mass for the general public and the second premium means for the big and rich. The cost of the incoming beer for the month was around Rs 100 a bottle and the premium was priced at around Rs 500. So there was a big gap between these two prices. This price gap was filled through Bira 91. The price of beer was placed between the two. Young people who did not choose premium beer because it was too expensive, now they are attracted towards Bira.

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