Why diesel cars give more mileage than petrol?  You will be surprised to know the reason

Why diesel cars give more mileage than petrol? You will be surprised to know the reason


new Delhi. Mileage cars have always been the first choice of Indian customers. While buying a car, customers prefer such cars, which are better in mileage. As everyone knows that a diesel car gives more mileage than a petrol car. But have you ever wondered, why does this happen? Today we will know what is the reason behind this?

It can be understood in this way that Hyundai Grand i10 Nios is available in both petrol and diesel variants. The company claims a mileage of 20.7 km per liter in the petrol version car, while the mileage of 26.2 liters per liter has been claimed in the diesel version car. Now the question is why diesel variants give more mileage despite having the same engine capacity.

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more energy in diesel
Diesel has more energy as a fuel. Diesel per liter produces more energy than petrol per liter. Diesel gives 38.6 Mega Joules of energy per liter, while only 34.8 Mega Joules energy is available in one liter of petrol. Mega Joules are the unit of measurement of energy.

Diesel doesn’t need spark
Diesel is a fuel which is not highly flammable like petrol. However, it gets auto-ignited at higher temperatures. This is the principle on which diesel engines work. A high proportion of air is compressed in the cylinders of a diesel engine. This ratio is around 18:1 or 21:1. Heat is produced when the air is compressed. In this way, when the temperature inside the cylinder rises above 210 degree centigrade, a small amount of diesel is sprayed into the cylinder. In this way ignition is generated in the engine. This is the reason why it takes some time to start the diesel engine in extremely cold weather.

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low consumption of diesel
In a diesel engine, fuel is sprayed into the cylinder. Because of this, it consumes less than petrol. On the other hand, the burning capacity of diesel is better. It burns slowly. In this way it stays burning for a long time. Due to this the diesel engine does not reach the higher rpm range. The same technology is now being adopted in petrol engines as well. The same spray technology has been adopted in the petrol engine in Hyundai’s Sonata vehicle, so that it can give better mileage.

Diesel car sales down
Despite getting better mileage in diesel engine, the sales of such cars are continuously decreasing. According to the report of the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), the share of diesel engines in the total cars sold in the country in the year 2012-13 was 58 percent, which has now come down to 17 percent. The main reason behind this is the rise in the price of diesel. After petrol, the government also deregulated the price of diesel. Due to this, now there is hardly a difference of 7-10 rupees per liter in the price of petrol and diesel, whereas it was 20-25 rupees per liter till a decade ago. Due to the increase in the price of diesel and relatively higher tax on diesel cars, customers are now preferring to take petrol cars despite the better mileage.

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