Why go to the bank for a personal loan?  Loan up to 1 lakh will be available in minutes on Google Pay

Why go to the bank for a personal loan? Loan up to 1 lakh will be available in minutes on Google Pay


new Delhi. Now you do not need to go to the banks to take a personal loan. If you use Google Pay, then taking a personal loan (Google Pay Personal Loan) will become a pinch task for you. In case of any emergency, loan can be taken immediately from Google Pay. Actually, Google Pay has partnered with DMI Finance Limited. In this partnership, both the companies are jointly offering Digital Personal Loan.

The maximum loan amount that can be given by DMI to the customers of Google Pay will be Rs 1 lakh. You can repay it in maximum installments of 36 months. This partnership has been launched on 15,000 pin codes across the country.

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This condition is necessary for taking loan

You must be a Google Pay customer to take advantage of this loan service. If you are a user of Google Pay and have a good credit history, then you will get the loan immediately. You can get a loan up to Rs 1 lakh. No documentation is needed for this.
This instant loan will not be available to everyone who uses Google Pay. Whether you will get the loan or not will depend on your credit history. Under this facility, only pre-qualified eligible users will be able to get the loan according to the criteria set by DMI Finance. Loan will be offered to such customers from Google Pay.

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If you are a pre-approved customer then your instant loan application will be processed in real time. Within a few minutes of the process, the money will come in your bank account.

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