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With this policy of LIC, there can be tension free regarding daughter’s education or marriage, you get 31 lakh rupees


LIC Policy: In the era of increasing economic uncertainty, every parent goes through planning for the future of the children. Be it studies or marriage. If we talk about the girl, then the parents go with more planning. Especially for the marriage of girls, a policy of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) proves to be very helpful. LIC has come up with a special policy for daughters. In this, you will get a good amount on your daughter’s daughter’s donation.

A nominal amount will have to be deposited daily in LIC’s Kanyadan policy. LIC has a scheme in which you can create a huge fund for the marriage of your daughter. You have to invest for a time i.e. a few years and you will get a huge fund on maturity. LIC’s Kanyadaan policy is such in which by investing money once, you can add money from his career to marriage. You will not worry about his future.

how much money will you get

If you give 150 rupees per day in Kanyadaan policy i.e. 4530 rupees will have to be invested in the month. You will have to pay premium for 22 years and then on completion of 25 years you will get Rs 31 lakh. With this you will be able to add good money for your daughter for her marriage. For this, Aadhar card, Income proof, Identity card, Address proof, Passport size photo, Birth certificate of daughter, apart from these an application form will have to be given. You can pay for the premium through a check or cash.

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How to apply for policy

Interested beneficiaries who want to apply under this policy, then you can contact your nearest LIC office / LIC agent. LIC will tell you the term of Kanyadaan policy, you have to choose it according to your income, then LIC agent will have to give you all your information and your documents, after that he will fill your form. In this way you can join LIC Kanyadan Policy Scheme 2022. To get more information related to the scheme, you can visit the official website of LIC.

Eligibility for taking the policy

To take the policy under the LIC Kanyadan Policy Scheme, the age of the father should be between 18 to 50 years. Along with this, the minimum age of the daughter should be 1 year.

This plan will be available for 25 years. But your premium has to be paid only for 22 years.

This LIC Kanyadan policy scheme can also be available according to the different age of you and your daughter.

According to the age of the daughter, the time limit of this policy will be reduced.

– If a person wants to pay more or less premium, then he can join this policy plan and can take advantage of this plan.

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Benefits of the policy

1. If the insured dies after taking the policy, then his family will get 5 lakh rupees. This amount will be given in the annual installment.

2. If the insured dies in an accident, the family will get Rs 10 lakh.

3. If this policy is taken for 15 years, then the premium will have to be paid only for 12 years. 4. If you want to surrender this policy, then it can be done after three years.

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