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It often happens that investors investing in crypto are not able to take decisions according to the fluctuations happening within minutes. Apart from this, the uncertainties related to crypto coins can also have a big impact on your crypto assets. How cool would it not be if you could decide to buy or sell crypto coins right away without having to face these crypto-related hurdles. It is said that sometimes getting a job done fast is the best way to do it.

With ZebPay you can exchange crypto, it’s really possible. The QuickTrade features of this platform (buying and selling can be done faster through this feature) are very useful. Crypto investors can buy and sell crypto with its help without any transaction fees. Let us understand how it works.

Open Book Transaction vs Quick Trade –
First of all, there may be many questions in your mind regarding the difference between Open Book Transaction and QuickTrade. The biggest difference is that the earlier process (Open Book Transaction) works on the basis of the demand and supply rule between the seller and the buyer. That’s why you might want to ‘buy when the price goes down’ or sell at the price you want at some point, so you may not be able to do so. In such a situation, you may have to wait under the rules of demand and supply.

QuickTrade eliminates this need for waiting. Both the seller and the buyer do not have to wait to match the order of demand and supply. They can do instant buying or selling. Another big advantage is that users do not have to pay any separate transaction fees or pre-conditions for using QuickTrade. Investing in crypto, be it buying or selling, makes both extremely easy and convenient.

QuickTrade via ZebPay –
QuickTrade is very easy to use. For this, you have to choose the crypto pair you want to buy or sell. Also, their instant order will have to be done on ZebPay. After receiving your order, the exchange will check the validity of your details and bank account etc.

ZebPay also checks the price and circuit limits, so that its users do not face price fluctuations and untoward incidents. Through this, we ensure that there is no illegal activity or fraud in the transaction of orders from Quick Trade. Once this step is completed, the buy or sell order is successfully completed and this buy or sell is also reflected in your account.

It’s just that simple and nothing can make you buy or sell crypto more quickly and conveniently.

How to use QuickTrade –
Now you are well aware of the benefits of QuickTrade. The next question is how can I use it. for this you ZebPay app Open and navigate to the QuickTrade section in it.

From here onwards, the whole process whether it is buying or selling under crypto investment, will be completed in just two small steps. If you’re buying crypto, enter the amount or INR equivalent of the crypto you want to buy. Then click on the QuickBuy button and view the trade summary. Check all the details displayed on the screen and enter your security pin to confirm the transaction.

If you’re selling crypto, enter the amount or INR equivalent of the crypto you’d like to sell. After that click on the QuickSell button and check all the details shown in the Trade Summary section. Verify the security pin and permission to confirm the transaction. With this the process was completed.

Sometimes it may happen that you see the error message, ‘The price offered is no longer valid. Order again for new prices.’ This happens when the order prices change in the system, due to which the changed prices have to be adjusted during the transaction. Users can check QuickTrade at any time by going to the top right of the app.

QuickTrade on ZebPay is currently applicable on tokens like BTH, ETH MATIC. To use the easy and convenient features of QuickTrade on ZebPay Here Go.


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