Work From Home : Google employees will return to office after two years, know what is the company's preparation

Work From Home : Google employees will return to office after two years, know what is the company’s preparation


new Delhi. The tech giant Google has now started returning from Work From Home to Work From Office. The company has issued instructions to its employees to come back to the office and work from April 4.

Google’s Vice President John Casey has said in an e-mail to employees that the last two years have been very long and challenging. Due to security reasons, most of our employees kept working from home. Now the rate of corona infection has also reduced and security measures have also been strengthened. Therefore, Google employees located in all the locations including Bay Area of ​​America will now come to the office and work.

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Emphasis will be on Hybrid work culture
Google has implemented work from office rules, but the concept of Hybrid work week will be kept for the employees. Under this, employees will come to the office for three days a week and work from home for the remaining two days. This means that the company will carry both Work From Home and Work From Office culture together.

What instructions for other countries
Casey has said that employees will return to offices located in different locations of America, while in offices located in other countries, the local condition will be seen before calling them back. Before calling the employees to the office, it should be ensured that they are fully vaccinated and there is no ill effect on health.

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Cafe-restaurants will open, exemption from check-masks
KC has said that with the return of the employees, cafes and restaurants in the office area will also be opened, so that they can be provided with complete atmosphere. Apart from this, now employees will also be exempted from mandatory testing. The biggest thing is that it will no longer be necessary for the employees to wear masks in the office area.

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Employees are getting extension of Work From Home
Casey said that the extension of Work From Home is also being considered for the employees who do not want to return to the office yet. Out of about 1,56,500 full-time employees of the company working around the world, 14,000 have been sent to new locations or have been allowed to work from home completely. 85% of the applications seeking transfer or extension have been approved.

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