Even if the vehicle's paper and license are not together, the challan will not be deducted, know what is the way?

Work news! Complete this work related to Driving License in two days, otherwise there will be trouble


new Delhi. This news related to Driving License is very important for you. If you also have an old handwritten driving license, then you have two days left to get it done online. The Transport Department has given the last chance to those holding old driving license (Old DL) for online registration.

The Transport Department says that the provision of backlock entry will be available on the Sarathi web portal of the Government of India only till March 12. Therefore, from March 12 onwards, backlock entry of driving license with handwritten license cannot be done.

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After the instructions of the Government of India, the driving license holders, whose DL is issued in booklet or hand writing or is like a form or booklet, all of them will also be done online now. It will be mandatory for such people to make an online entry with the original license in the district transport offices of the states by 4 pm on March 12. The Transport Department has issued an order in this regard to all the RTOs of the state.

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What will happen to the handwritten DL now?
There is a lot of difficulty in keeping the handwritten DL. There is always a fear of them getting wet, bursting or getting damaged. The risk of damage to a chip card is almost negligible. Also, during license checking, doubts regarding such DLs will also get rid of. After going online, complete information of DL will be available on Sarathi web portal, which can be seen by anyone anywhere.

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