'YES BANK Agri Infinity' Program: Bank's new scheme to promote startup, know who will get the benefit?

‘YES BANK Agri Infinity’ Program: Bank’s new scheme to promote startup, know who will get the benefit?


‘YES BANK Agri Infinity’ Program : Yes Bank has launched an annual program named ‘YES Bank Agri Infinity’. Under this plan, work will be done to promote startups. This program has been started especially to advance the startups present in the agriculture field. It aims to develop digital financial solutions for the agriculture ecosystem by providing appropriate advice and support to startup ventures.

Under this program, early stage startups interested in providing technology based financial solutions in the agriculture sector have been invited to apply. Startups meeting all the criteria will get the necessary guidance and support to develop their solutions and implement them in the agriculture value chain.

Advice for raising funding
Through this initiative, a select group of startups will not only get the necessary guidance from experienced bankers, but will also get access to Yes Bank’s digital banking infrastructure and network, opportunities for collaboration with Yes Bank to implement solutions, and funding. You will also get advice for mobilization. The duration of this program will be 6 months and applications have been opened for this.

Who will get benefit?
– To such Agri Fintech startups working on various aspects of the food and agriculture value chain. These include segments including origination, former on boarding, farmer KYC, credit scoring, risk assessment, monitoring and mitigation, disbursement and recovery solutions and cash management systems, among others.

What will the startup get?

Access to Yes Bank’s digital banking infrastructure and strong customer network

– Credit scoring models, risk assessment and advice from senior banking professionals on risk mitigation

– Opportunity to work with bankers to design and prototype innovative digital financial solutions

– Project Partnership – Partnership opportunity to drive new innovative solutions

– Analysis of existing digital financial solutions of startups

– Equity investment in select startups

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