You can increase the mileage of your car in these 5 ways, you will save thousands of rupees every month

You can increase the mileage of your car in these 5 ways, you will save thousands of rupees every month


Car Mileage Increase Tips: If you also use a car, then this news is very important for you. Because its mileage is always a matter of concern for the car drivers. Many times, despite having a new car, the correct mileage is not available. Or having an old car also has the same problem. That’s why we are going to tell you some such tips, by which you can increase the mileage of your car.

maintain speed
It has always been advised that driving a vehicle at unnecessarily high speed affects its mileage. However, there is no ideal speed limit for any vehicle. However, if you drive the car between 80 kmph and 100 kmph on open or smooth roads, then it is possible that you will get the right mileage.

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Good maintenance and regular service of the car helps in increasing its mileage. The moving parts of vehicles like engine and gearbox need lubrication. Failure to do so reduces its mileage. That is why it is necessary that the car is new or old, it is serviced from time to time. At least once in a year or after walking 10 thousand kilometers, get the service done.

tire pressure
Maintaining proper air pressure of car tires will not only save you fuel, but also prolong the life of the tyres. The driver should be responsible for not putting too much pressure on the tire and inflating the tire as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If you want to carry more load or weight, then read the vehicle handbook and adjust the tire pressure accordingly.

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use clutch properly
Often unnecessary use of clutch while driving the car also consumes more fuel. Do not use the torch where it is not needed. New drivers often put more emphasis on the clutch. This can also spoil your Kalach plate. Use proper gears for this.

traffic alert
Before going anywhere, use the traffic alert feature in the car once. This will tell you whether there is not much traffic on the way where you are going. These days, traffic alerts keep coming on radio stations and smart phones, in which it is told where there is more traffic. If you plan your route accordingly, you can save fuel.

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