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Google has reportedly rolled out a new update for the YouTube Music app on Android. According to a report by 9to5Google, this new update has brought the Save queue to the playlist feature to Android devices, which was released for the iOS platform earlier this year. This feature was first introduced by Google in the Play Music app and now it is coming to YouTube Music for Android users.
Users can use this new version of the feature to add songs or albums to the queue. Now, when you open Up Next from the Now Playing screen, you will also get a “Save” option. The “Add to playlist” option will pop up as you tap on the Save button. This will lead you to an existing collection or you can create a new playlist. Manually saving a playlist can turn out to be time-consuming and this feature will save time as you finish selecting the songs you like.
The Save button also works when you start a radio station on YouTube. However, it is important to note that there is no undo option if you accidentally select an existing song to Save the queue. It will keep on adding the same collection multiple times and users will only be able to preview the playlist to which the song was added.
Moreover, this is a server-side update and may take time to reach all YouTube Music subscribers. So, if you don’t have it right now, don’t worry it is going to reach you soon. Meanwhile, you can check if this feature is available for you by closing the Now Playing section and relaunching YouTube Music.
Google’s music playing platform has also received some other useful features recently. The “Recommend radios” feature creates a station from multiple songs and artists, recommended for you, which is available in the Home tab. The feature shows 10 stations that updates every time you refresh it.
Another feature that YouTube Music got from a recent update for Android users is a new “Recently Played” home-screen widget. This widget is divided into two main sections where one section has a play/pause, thumbs up button along with the album art of the current song and some basic information about it. The second section of the widget makes your recently played videos, albums and playlists easier to access.


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