Zerodha founder Nitin Kamat went bald for his wife!  An important lesson to share

Zerodha founder Nitin Kamat went bald for his wife! An important lesson to share


new Delhi. Congratulating his wife on International Women’s Day, Zerodha’s Nithin Kamath shared lessons learned from his wife’s journey to fight and win breast cancer. He came to know in November 2021 that his wife has breast cancer.

In a tweet, he wrote, “My wife, Seema was diagnosed with breast cancer last November. Now she shares her journey and learnings with people to create awareness about cancer and its associated regular health check-ups, health insurance and the importance of overall health and well being. have decided to do. Happy Women’s Day.”

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Nitin’s wife taught people
About his journey, his wife Seema wrote in a blog, “I tried my best to stay healthy and till November 2021 (when I didn’t know about breast cancer) I used to feel that no one can tell me physically. Can’t slow down. Was stage 2 cancer and was not older than 2. The last few months of diagnosis have been a hazy and emotionally roller coaster.”

How did he find out about his cancer? On this, she said that she used to get the whole body health checkup done regularly for many years. The mammogram showed a small lump in her right breast. Even though he did not show any symptoms, decided to see an oncologist who did the biopsy. The biopsy was followed by a PET scan, which confirmed that the lump was actually cancerous.

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Both Nitin and Seema went bald together. Nitin was ready to go bald until his wife’s hair grew again. Seema said, “Having a bald Nitin in my mother-in-law, I thought this was a new type of hairstyle. I will not continue to be bald after my chemo.”

Keep getting regular health checkups
In her post, Seema wrote, “Cancer is curable today, as long as it is not too late to detect it. I am using every opportunity to tell people that even if you look and feel healthy, you must get a health checkup. I would love if after reading this article, you take this lesson with you and tell people about the importance of regular health checkup.

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