Zerodha: Kamat himself used to open accounts by calling every customer, now the company's valuation is in billions

Zerodha: Kamat himself used to open accounts by calling every customer, now the company’s valuation is in billions


New Delhi. Nithin Kamat, the founder of Zerodha, does not need any introduction today. His company is currently the largest discount broker firm in India. But it has taken many years and hard work for Nitin and his company to reach this point.

When Nitin Kamat was 17 years old, he was introduced to the world of stock trading. In the initial days, he wasted money the same way every new trader does. However, later he also earned some money from the stock market itself. After his studies, he had completely plunged into the world of trending. Later, when the market crashed, he was forced to do a job in a call center for only Rs 8000 a month.

Sachin used to open people’s accounts

Nitin Kamat himself has mentioned that when he started Zerodha in August 2010, he did not have the money to hire the team. In the beginning, he used to talk about salespeople by calling people by keeping his name Sachin.

He himself used to call people in the name of Sachin, take appointments from them and fill the forms for account opening. Nitin himself said in the seminar that he had opened about 500-600 accounts.

1 thousand accounts opened in a year

Since Nitin Kamat was associated with the stock market for a long time and had a good understanding of market movements, many people were in direct contact with him. When he started Zerodha, he got the initial 1000 account holders to join himself. It took a year to open about 1000 accounts.

Nitin and Nikhil are self-made rich

Both Nitin and Nikhil are the co-founders of the company. Nitin is elder and Nikhil is younger. Last year in 2020, both the brothers were ranked in the list of self-made rich in the age of 40 and below by IIFL Wealth and Hurun India. The assets of both are about 24 thousand crores.

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