Zojila Tunnel News: Road Transport Minister told in Parliament, so many crores saved in Zojila Tunnel construction


new Delhi. Usually, the cost in construction related projects reaches more than the estimated cost, but in the country’s high Zojila tunnel construction, the opposite is happening. Its construction cost is less than the estimated cost. Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari himself gave this information in Parliament. The Minister of Road Transport and Highways said that the tender was finalized for the fourth time and a company of the country is building it.

Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari, while replying in Parliament, said that a workshop was organized by ASSOCHAM for the construction of Zojila Tunnel. In this workshop, people from Norway to many countries of the world were invited. Its estimated cost was stated to be 12000 crores. Five companies, including Hyderabad-based company Megha Engineering, participated in the tender. The work was entrusted to Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited. 5000 crore is being saved in this work from the estimated cost.

a look at the tunnel

A tunnel is being built from Jammu and Kashmir to Leh Ladakh to make an all-weather road. Security is being taken care of in Jolila Tunnel. Fire fighting systems will be installed at various places, so that in case of fire in any vehicle, the alarm will sound automatically. Calls will be made for emergency. CCTV cameras will be installed everywhere. Apart from this, a control room will also be made to monitor.

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