Zomata will deliver food to you within 10 minutes of ordering, pilot project underway

Zomata will deliver food to you within 10 minutes of ordering, pilot project underway


new Delhi. Zomato is working on its new project, under which you will get the delivery of your order within 10 minutes. The company has said that it is starting the operation of Zomato Instant. Under this, small hubs or stations are being made, which can also be called mini assembly kitchens, to deliver popular dishes of different brands to the people.

According to a report in Live Mint, some executives of the company, on the condition of anonymity, said that it plans to open more than 40 stations in Delhi-NCR in the next 90 days, and then expand to Bengaluru and Mumbai. A radius of 1-2 km will be targeted to fulfill all the orders.

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He told that it is completely planned. To achieve this, the company has the necessary technology and delivery optimization. Product categories can include juices, ice cream, bakery goods, wraps, etc.

To begin with, Zomato will target Low Average Order Value (AOV) products and densely populated urban areas for quicker production and delivery of goods. In a blog post dated March 21, founder Deepinder Goyal had said that the company is starting work on this model due to the demand of early delivery of people. He wrote that people do not plan nor do they want to wait, they have the desire to fulfill their needs as soon as possible.

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Zomato Instant will start from 4 stations
Zomato Instant will be launched in April with four stations in Gurugram. It will use dish-level demand prediction algorithms, and future ready in-station robotics, to ensure that the food picked up by the delivery partner is hot and fresh, he said.
The company has said that they will prepare a list (20-30) of best seller meals from different partners. For example Poha, Rice Chole, Momos, Idli Sambar and Juice etc.

Chaayos is involved in the pilot project
According to the news, tea chain Chaayos is also a part of this pilot project and they are planning to deploy their staff at delivery hubs or stations. Chaayos Vice President Udit Gupta told that they have been in talks with him (Zomato) for almost a month.


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