Zomato founder clarifies 10-minute delivery plan after backlash – Times of India


NEW DELHI: Food delivery platform Zomato received immense backlash from netizens, a day after the company announced its 10-minute delivery plan.
Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal took to Twitter on Tuesday explaining how the 10- minute delivery will work and said that the plan is safe for delivery partners.

Goyal clarified that Zomato Instant will only be for items that are popular, standardised and can be dispatched within 2 minutes.
“Ten-minute deliveries will lead to lesser time spent on the road per order. We continue to educate our delivery partners on road safety and proved accidental/life insurance as well,” he added.

The CEO’s explanation came after people on social media criticized the company’s plan terming it unnecessary and potentially dangerous for delivery partners.
However, Goyal assured that the 10-minute delivery plan is as safe as the 30-minute one.
“Delivery partners are not informed about promised delivery time for both 10 and 30 minutes deliveries. No penalties for late deliveries. No incentives for on-time deliveries for both 10- and 30-minute deliveries,” Goyal said.

He also explained that the company is building new food stations to enable the 10-minute delivery for specific customer locations only.
On a question about what items could customers expect in 10 minutes, Goyal replied, “Bread Omelette, Poha, Coffee, Chai, Biryani, Momos, etc.”


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