Zomato Insta: Now Zomato will deliver food to your doorstep in just 10 minutes! prices will also be lower


new Delhi. Food delivery company Zomato is now preparing to start delivery in just 10 minutes. The company’s founder Deepinder Goyal has given this information in a blog on Monday. Let us tell you that many grocery delivery companies are delivering groceries to their customers in 10 minutes.

Goyal said, “I started feeling that Zomato’s average delivery time of 30 minutes is too slow and will be out of circulation soon. If we don’t change it, someone else will. The only way to survive in the tech industry is to innovate and grow. So now we have come up with our 10 minute food delivery offering – Zomato Insta.”

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According to Goyal, the fulfillment of their quick delivery promise depends on a network of large finishing stations, which will be located close to areas with high demand customers. The company will also rely heavily on dish-level demand prediction algorithms and in-station robotics to ensure that food is fresh and hot when selected by the delivery partner.

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Zomato will carry the bestseller item – around 20-30 dishes from partner restaurants at its finishing stations on a predictable basis. It also claims that following the 10-minute model will bring down the prices of commodities.

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